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6pcs Air Humidifier Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

6pcs Air Humidifier Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

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Package list:
6 * air humidifier
6*USB cable
12 * cotton swab
6 * user manual

Cool mist comes out of an air humidifier, which will help refresh the air and hydrate your skin. The small and lightweight design is easy to carry with you. The atomizing spray makes water easily absorbed by the skin. Warm light, lower noise operation and aroma oil diffuser will provide a comfortable sleeping experience.

Portable Mini Humidifier: Mini and lightweight design is easy to carry anywhere.
Air Humidifier: Effectively moisturizes dry skin and helps reduce skin peeling.
Timing and ambient lighting function: 4h/6h auto shut-off, warm night, soothing and relaxing sleep experience.
One-Button Control: The portable USB humidifier is very easy to operate. One button controls all functions.
Atomizing spray: Atomized particles are more delicate and easily absorbed by the skin, providing your skin with the best moisturizers.

Name: air humidifier
Product Type: DQ-107
Product material:
Capacity: 300ml
Rated input: DC5.0V/1.0A
Working current: 250 - 350mA
Timing function: YES
Mist output (gallons/day): 30-45ml/h
Operation method: button type
Color: white, pink, dark blue (optional)
Item Weight: 106g/3.74oz
Item size: 7.8*7.8*11.9cm/3.07*3.07*4.69in
Timed shutdown: 4 hours/6 hours (intermittent spray)

Usage steps:
1. take off the cover
2. Add pure water
3. Plug in the USB cable
4. Click the start button.
After turning on the power,
After the absorbent cotton core inside the product completely absorbs the water,
Short press for the first time to turn on the spray;
Short press again to turn on intermittent spray
(Spray for three seconds and stop for three seconds);
Short press again to turn off the spray.

Spray/operation function: Turn on the power, and wait for the absorbent cotton wick inside the product to completely absorb the water, the first short press to turn on the spray; short press again to turn on the spray space (spray for three seconds and stop for three seconds); Short press again to turn off the sprayer.
Night light function: Long press the power button for five seconds to turn on the colorful night light, long press again for five seconds to turn on the monochrome night light, long press again for five seconds to turn off the night light.
Timing function: After the spray is turned on, it will automatically turn off for 4 hours, and the gap spray will turn on, and automatically turn off for 6 hours; If you need to spray again, you need to restart it manually.

Precautions and troubleshooting:
* Please use cleaning tap water or mineral water and it is not recommended to use distilled water to affect the humidification effect.
*Make sure the water container is only 90% loaded.
*Be careful to harden or deform the top of the metal atomizer to influence the function.
*No sprinkler or the sprinkler becomes smaller empty main and needs to be filled with water.
*The spray has an odor: Determine the water quality, change the water and replace the cotton swab.

Humidifier is not working properly/responsive Reasons:
1. The power supply is abnormal:
*Power is the button, This product does not have a battery and does not support power storage and needs to be connected to the USB port for power supply.
* Check the charging cable or try a new one
*Or place the humidifier in another location and try connection again

2. The humidifier can turn on the light, but cannot produce spray:
*Reinstall the cotton swab and make sure the plastic sleeve is in place
* Change the direction of the cotton swab corresponding to the non-spray port (rotate the cotton swab)
*Pay attention to whether the cotton swab spring is out of position or not, just straighten the spring


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