Questions and answers

Frequently asked questions.

The official store has recently made some adjustments.
To facilitate ordering. There is now no limit to the number of orders you can place. There is no problem to add more than 2(3,4,5,6,N) products to the shopping cart at the same time.
However, we will selectively split orders for shipping. This is to avoid VAT. It also meets Mexican customs requirements.

1, Are all products shipped free of charge?
A: Yes. All products are shipped free of charge.

2, And can you tell me how the payment and shipping would be?
A: Shipping is by air ✈.🇨🇳✈🇲🇽, 🇨🇳✈🇧🇷.
Shipping is also the same as free market. Fly from China to Mexico. or fly from China to Brazil, etc.
Payment methods, when the interface reaches the payment page, you will see the different payment methods for your country, choose the payment method you are used to using to pay.

3, How can I place an order for 10 packages of the same product? 10 pcs each
A: Add the same shopping product 10pcs, then place the order and pay.

4. Am I going to make a transfer to this account?
A: The money will not be transferred directly to my private account. If I want to withdraw the money, the platform rules are that the money from the official flagship store is transferred to a third-party bank and then converted to Chinese RMB through currency conversion, during which I also have to bear the loss of the exchange rate.

5, What is the country's currency exchange rate?
A: In the upper right corner of the store, you can choose your country's currency according to your needs. Brazilian real, Mexican peso, Chilean peso, Colombian peso. Dollars. Change at will.

6, How can I leave a message?
A: Before you submit your order, you can see a blank area next to the message box to leave a message about the model (color) and quantity you want.

7. Can I buy them combined?
A: Please note the following. The products in the same link can be purchased in combinations, combining the models/colors and quantities you want, and we will send them to you according to your needs.

8. Can I place 10 orders on the same day?
A: Yes. Of course. There is no limit to the number of orders you can place. The value of each package does not accumulate.

9. How are packages shipped?
A: All packages are shipped by air to your country's airport, cleared by customs, transferred to your city, and finally shipped.

10. Do the products arrive only in the country or do they also arrive at my home like on the other platform?
A: Yes, it is the same as the free market.