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# 6 units In-ear Headphones Gamer Wireless Headphones Waterproof E10 Black with LED light

# 6 units In-ear Headphones Gamer Wireless Headphones Waterproof E10 Black with LED light

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Shipped quantity: 6 pairs
What you need to know about this product
It has True Wireless technology.
The battery lasts 3 hours.
Hands-free mode included.
Integrated voice assistant: Siri.
With charging case.
With built-in microphone.
Water resistant.
Its IP rating is IPX4.
Use suitable for sports.
Superior and unlimited sound.
Comfortable and practical.
Battery life depends on the use of the product.
Speaker size: 12mm.
Images may be illustrative.

Experience the adrenaline of immersing yourself in the scene in a different way! Having specific headphones to play completely changes your experience in each game. With the ECCDO E10 you don't miss any details and you hear the audio as it was designed by the creators.

100% wireless
Unlike other connectivities, this device is made with TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology. It allows a total wireless connection and works without a single cable between pairs. With it you can enjoy the sound environment without having to be aware of physical connections.

1. 600mAh CHARGING CASE + CHARGE ON THE FLY FOR 50 HOURS OF PLAYING: This Bluetooth headset not only gives you an additional 50 hours of playing time (4 - 6 hours of single use), but can also charge other electronic devices . The LED display design allows you to monitor the battery status. The headset charging base includes a precise digital charge level from 1 to 100.

2. ERGONOMIC DESIGN + 3g LIGHTWEIGHT + WATERPROOF: With the ergonomic design of these wireless headphones, it is easier to fit them perfectly in your ears. They are small and light, do not fall, very suitable for sports, walking, running or favorite activities and trips.

3. 100% WIRELESS: With it you can enjoy the sound environment without having to worry about physical connections. You can avoid annoying cables.

4. AUTO PAIRING: Simply take out the wireless earbuds (R&L) from the charging case and they will automatically pair with your smartphones.

5. LARGELY COMPATIBLE: It is compatible with Windows, IOS, and Android. So they work for any device with Bluetooth.

6. CAN BE USED AS A BATTERY CHARGER: It can also be used as a case to store them, and has mini USB and USB outputs (including specific cables). Solve your charging needs anytime, anywhere.

After receiving the headset, please charge it for 1-2 hours first and then use it according to the operating instructions, thank you.
Please do not use a charging head with output higher than 2A for this earphone, otherwise the charging box will be damaged.

Common Problem:
-Problem: two headphones are not connected, only one makes a sound
1. First delete the headset connection record from your Bluetooth phone
2. Put the earbuds back into the charging case.
3. Wait 5 seconds, take out 2 earplugs and place them on the table.
4. Wait 10 seconds and then observe the signal light status of the headset.
5. Now, turn on Bluetooth on the phone again, search for the Bluetooth headset and connect it


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