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6pcs Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with TWS Clip Wholesale

6pcs Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with TWS Clip Wholesale

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Product parameters:
· Wireless Headphones: Wireless Air Conduction Headphones
· Material: Metal,Silica Gel
· Bluetooth version: 5.3
· Charging method: Charging case
· Case charging times for headphones: 4 times
· Standby time: 180 hours
· Talk time: 6.5 hours
· Frequency response range: 20 - 20000Hz
· Vocal Principle: Bone Conduction
· With Microphone: Yes
· Water Resistant: Yes

Packing list:
6 x Bluetooth earphone (left and right earphone)
6 x charging box
6x Type C charging cable
6 x user manual
Dear buyer:
When you purchase the Bluetooth headset, please read the following instructions: Due to long-term transportation, the charging box will be turned off. After receiving the package, you may not be able to use the headphones. Remove the charging protective film from the charging box, turn on the charging function, and charge the earphone for 30 minutes. This is very important. Thank you!

Common Problem:
Q:Are they compatible with iPhone?
A:These bluetooth headphones are compatible with iPhone

Q:Can you receive and answer calls for them?
A:This bluetooth headset can answer calls

Q:Did you hurt your ear?
A:Headphones that do not hurt your ears. These Bluetooth headphones use directional air conduction technology so that the headphones do not have to be in your ears, they are comfortable to wear and one third of the volume is enough for listening enjoyment.

Note: When using this wireless Bluetooth headset, please lower the volume of your phone. When wearing it, put the small end of the earphone in front of your ear, put the big end behind your ear, start wearing it from the top of your ear and slowly move down. When this clip-on headset is worn correctly, less than one-third of the volume can satisfy your listening enjoyment. Excessive volume risks hearing damage and leaking sound.

Stay safe, present and attentive with open earbuds, the open earbud that lets in ambient sound while you enjoy your favorite Bluetooth content.

Perfect for runners: Put it on while you run and keep your ears open to hear traffic, passing activity and movement around you.

Perfect for restaurant staff - use it in the kitchen and listen to your music/iPodcast/audiobook in the background while letting your colleagues/order information/timers hear it all.

Perfect for the office environment: Use it in the office and listen to your content in the background while being fully aware of your surroundings.

Perfect for those on the go: The secure design of the earbuds completely prevents them from falling out or coming out of your ears.


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