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# 5 Wireless In-ear Headphones Bluetooth 5.0 B11 Tws Sports Headphones Wholesale

# 5 Wireless In-ear Headphones Bluetooth 5.0 B11 Tws Sports Headphones Wholesale

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------ Description of Eccdo In-ear Bluetooth Headphones ------

Quantity shipped: 5 units.
Combinable colors and quantities. For example, 2 black, 3 white.

Active Noise Reduction, Perfect Silence:
The new adaptive noise reduction technology can judge the intensity and type of noise in your environment in real time and automatically match the appropriate noise reduction mode. The active noise reduction effect is more than 2 times that of other headphones, immersing you in a more personal audio experience than ever before. It works in tune with a specially developed driver and amplifier to deliver low-distortion sound effects, and you can enjoy deeper bass and clearer treble on all levels. volumes.

Call Noise Reduction, High Definition Call:
The new generation of hearing aids has added call noise reduction function. When you answer the call, the noise canceling and directional vocal noise reduction microphones quickly detect any incoming sounds and cancel out the noises before you hear them. It can greatly improve call quality, reduce interference from environmental noise and ensure high-definition quality calls. The new driver and improved acoustic algorithms enable active noise cancellation to further reduce unwanted noise, so you can listen to what you want without interruption on the way to work or when you need to concentrate.

Free Lighting Control:
Our hearing aid is the only one on the market that can control light. When you click 4 times in a row, you can turn the light on or off. Lighting mode: The breathing light of the hearing aids is on and keeps flashing, the blue light will flash from weak to strong and from strong to weak. Hidden mode: The light on the headset is off, so you can listen to music and read books without disturbing others.

IPX6 Waterproof:
These wireless headphones are IPX6 waterproof, both surfaces of the headphones are sealed to prevent sweat or rain, and the internal nano-coating prevents moisture in the air from damaging the components. Protect your Bluetooth headphones from light raindrops or sweat during intense workouts. Widely suitable for running, exercising, going to the gym, traveling, you can use it with confidence even in rainy days.

The Three Pairs of Silicone Ear Tips:
Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly to any ear contour. The special ear contour adjustment design can make wearing more stable. There are three optional silicone earplugs, which can meet the wearing needs of people with different ear shapes.

Custom Tuning:
Take your listening experience to a new level of personalization. Custom spatial audio that supports dynamic head tracking lets you experience more immersive stereo surround sound effects on multiple devices.

Adaptive Equalization Function:
Adjust the effect of the music in your ears in real time based on how it suits you. The built-in microphone detects what you are listening to, and uses it to adjust the low and high frequencies of the song, the sound is just as detailed and rich on each playback.

Case And Battery:
The new charging case has several functionalities, so you can listen to what you want wherever you go. Improved design, with longer battery life, listen to music and make calls for longer on a single full charge. Up to 10 hours of listening time on a single charge, the battery life is a huge improvement.

Control Instruction:
*On/Off: Long press left/right ear for 2 seconds to turn on, long press for 3 seconds to turn off.
* Volume up: Tap the right ear three times to increase the volume
* Decrease the volume: Tap the left ear three times to decrease the volume
* Next song: double click on the right ear for the next song
* Previous song: double click left ear for previous song
* Play/Pause: Click
* Answer/Hang up: Click the incoming call status (click again to hang up)
* Reject a call: Long press for 2 seconds in incoming call state
* Breathing light on/off: After touching the left/right ear four times in a row, a beep will be heard and the breathing light will turn on/off
*Voice assistant: Press and hold your left/right ear for 2 seconds and a beep will sound to wake up Siri or voice assistant.


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