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50 pieces Transparent Acrylic Case for iPhone Reinforced Corners

50 pieces Transparent Acrylic Case for iPhone Reinforced Corners

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Important notes.
If you want to order more than 3 model of phone case. We allow it. (I fully support your request.)
Please choose any of the options (models) to place your order, and then leave a message which model and quantity you want.
We will send you what you order.
For example, you want a model iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone 13 pro, iPhone 14plus etc.
Select "Iphone 12" to add it to your basket and submit your order. Then leave a message.
iPhone 12=5
iPhone 11=10
iPhone 13 pro=5
iPhone 14plus=5

Shipped quantity: 50 units
IMPORTANT READ: If at first glance your protector appears to be dirty or scratched, it is not a defect, it has plastic lenses that serve as protection, when removed the protector will be completely transparent.
-Generic Product.
-1MM hard case made with acrylic material on the back and TPU on the edges.
-Completely transparent.
-Reinforced corners to provide maximum protection for your cell phone.
-Perfect for painting with Oil.


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