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#4/10/15 Pieces Watches Living Waterproof Luminous Electronic Digital Watch Wholesale

#4/10/15 Pieces Watches Living Waterproof Luminous Electronic Digital Watch Wholesale

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Package content:
4 watches,
4 user guide.
10 watches,
10 user guide.

15 watches,
15 user guide.

Movement type: Quartz
Screen Types: Digital
Case Materials: Plastic
Is it waterproof: Yes
Is it suitable for diving: No
Glass type: Resin
Case shape: Round
Clock length: 26 cm
Is it a talking clock: No
Is it braille: No
With touch screen: No
With chronograph: Yes
With calendar: Yes
With dual time: Yes
With alarm: Yes
With backlight: Yes

plastic case, rubber strap, stainless steel buckle, resin, glasses, LED display; stopwatch, countdown, backlight, dual time zone, LED display, independent, alarm, calendar, date, day and week, dustproof

. resistant to 1-3 m
Dial diameter: 1.92 inches/49 mm
Case thickness: 0.59 inches/15 mm
Strap length: 9.8cm/250mm, width: 22mm
plastic glass surface: resin
Buckle type: stainless steel
Locked metal back cover
Taiwan IC Movement Buckle
stainless steel Stainless steel buckle
Battery model: replaceable CR2032.
Watch weight: 56g,

Instructions for setting the electronic clock
1. When the clock is displaying normally, press the M key: press once for stopwatch function, press twice for alarm setting, and press three times for time calendar setting. L=LIGHT, M=MODE, S=START, R=RESET.
2. Press S to display the date when the time is displayed normally, press R to display the alarm time.
3. 12/24 hour state setting: Press M 3 times for normal display to enter the time setting state, then press R 2 times to enter the time setting state, then press S to adjust the 12/24 hour system. P or PM for PM (12-hour system), H for 24-hour system. 1. Time setting: For normal display, press the M key 3 times to enter the time setting state. The seconds will flash, then press S again to check the seconds, then press R, the minutes will flash, press S to check the minutes. Similarly, press R to set the time, date, month and day of the week respectively, then press S to set the time after flashing.
5. Alarm clock setting: In the normal display state, press the M key 2 times to set the alarm state, then press the S key to set the time, after setting, press the R key 1 time, then press the S key to adjust the minutes, after adjustment, press the M key to return to the normal display state.
6. Alarm clock switch setting: Long press the R key, while pressing the S key, you can choose to turn on/off the alarm clock, an alarm symbol is displayed when the alarm clock is on. When the alarm is on, the alarm symbol is displayed.
7. Press the S key to stop the alarm temporarily, and press the R key to turn it off directly. When the reminder is off, the week will not be displayed.
8. How to use the stopwatch: Press the M key once in the normal display state to enter the clock running function, then press the S key to start the clock running and press the S key once to stop the stopwatch. clock running and displaying the value. Press R to clear the value. Press the M key to return to normal time display
9. Night light: The light will turn on when the L key is pressed. If you press the light for a long time, it will consume a lot of power.
10. Please tear off the screen protective film before use, so that it looks clearer.
11. This watch is: lifetime waterproof, can wash hands, can rain, can not be worn swimming, bathing, keep the watch as dry as possible, this will extend the life of the watch.


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