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30 Pieces 9D Tempered Glass Mica for iPhone Brands, Various Models Wholesale

30 Pieces 9D Tempered Glass Mica for iPhone Brands, Various Models Wholesale

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Important notes.
If you want to order more than 3 model of phone case. We allow it. (I fully support your request.)
Please choose any of the options (models) to place your order, and then leave a message which model and quantity you want.
We will send you what you order.
For example, you want a model iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone 13 pro, iPhone 14plus etc.
Select "Iphone 12" to add it to your basket and submit your order. Then leave a message.
iPhone 12=5
iPhone 11=10
iPhone 13 pro=5
iPhone 14plus=5

Please remove old protective films before using the case.

Package Included:
30 x phone mica (3 pack)

The surface of the protective film is treated with plasma oleophobic coating, which is very smooth, effectively prevents fingerprints from sweat and grease, making the screen very easy to clean. 99.99% optical grade light transmittance, effectively blocking and filtering ultraviolet rays and improving screen visibility.

Made of 0.33mm ultra-thin shiny diamond grade hardness tempered glass, maintaining 99.99% touch and response sensitivity, ensures quick app launch, smooth gaming and video playback, giving you a smooth experience. perfect touch. 2.5D rounded corner design, the edge feels smooth and will never be scratched.

Tempered glass achieves 180 degrees unbreakable (which means 180 degree O-shaped bending will not break), the flexibility of glass material and glass film combination, even 180 degrees bending will not break fracture.

Our screen protector is compatible with all phone cases, so you don't have to worry about floating. Coupled with the precise processing of rounded edges, the feeling of unity with the screen is further improved, giving a feeling of elegance.

Attention: When applying the film, do so in dust-free conditions. Clean the phone screen with the cleaning tool provided with the product.


Our products are manufactured with the highest quality standards and have 30 calendar days of any warranty for manufacturing defects. Our technical support team is at your service to guide you if you have any questions about the operation of the products, shipments and our satisfaction guarantee.


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