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3 pieces Analog Waterproof Quartz Bracelet Watches for Men Gift Party Birthday Meeting Father's Day Wholesale

3 pieces Analog Waterproof Quartz Bracelet Watches for Men Gift Party Birthday Meeting Father's Day Wholesale

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* Thank you for purchasing our watch and I hope you enjoy it.
*If you have any questions about the watch, you can contact us in the chat box and we will get back to you as soon as possible. thanks for your support.

Analog quartz watch
The watch uses a quartz movement imported from Japan, which keeps accurate time. The battery life of the watch is up to two years. Don't worry, changing the battery is easy. Classic and timeless analog watches, the Lige brand logo is printed on the watch face. Original Lige watches can be purchased with confidence.

Exquisite appearance design
Classic round dial, hollow pointer design with matte shading nested pattern bottom ring. You can use the side buttons to adjust the three dials, the 24-hour sun, moon and stars dial, the minute and second dial.

Show the charm
This quartz watch is more suitable for men to wear. Mature and indifferent temperament, showing personality and temperament, reflecting different styles.

30m waterproof
All watches are tested for water resistance when they leave the factory. Washing your hands, getting in the rain, or soaking in water for a short time is fine. Hot showers are not permitted and no buttons operate in the water.

Comfortable experience
The IP-coated alloy casing is combined with a selection of high-quality soft leather straps that are comfortable to wear, breathable and durable.

Clear night vision display
Fluorescence is added to the clock hands and time scales. After enough light is absorbed, the hands and Roman scales glow at night and are clearly visible.

High quality after-sales service
We can guarantee your watch for 24 months, and the long warranty time allows you to have no worries after purchasing it.

Maintenance skills
* The product is waterproof, but do not touch water for a long time.
* It is recommended to dry the watch surface after touching water or sweating your wrist.
* Do not come into contact with the watch with chemicals such as detergents and shower gels that are used in daily life.

Ordering Guide
If you need to buy watches of different colors at the same time, you only need to select the color you want to add to the shopping cart, repeat the operation, and then check and confirm the order in the shopping cart.
If you need more than one piece of each color, you can also choose the number of pieces you want before choosing the color.


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