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20/30 units OTG Adapter For iPhone iPad (Lightning) Usb 3.0 Input 5gbps Wholesale

20/30 units OTG Adapter For iPhone iPad (Lightning) Usb 3.0 Input 5gbps Wholesale

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Shipped quantity: 20 units or 30 units
Mixing colors is supported according to your needs.
Please leave a message about your needs before placing an order. We will ship according to your needs.

Data Transfer + Charging
Transfer speed: 5Gbps/500Mbps
Output voltage: 5V
Output current: 2.4A Output

This product has been updated to the latest version to support ios16 system!

Dear customer, I have tried this type of products many times and I share my experience with you. This product has no requirements for iphone/ipad models, but the system of iphone/ipad is ios13 and above.

This product is generally only suitable for reading U disks, mouse, keyboard, keyboard, microphone (the microphone is only used for recording/music, not for calls and live streaming), RJ45 USB adapter and hub. (Not all external devices will work.)

The following devices are not supported: MIDI controllers, MIDI mixers, barcode readers, removable hard drives, digital cameras, sound card devices (audio devices), DAC devices, printers, webcams. Headphones with microphone: The headset device can only listen to sound, but the microphone cannot speak (cannot be used for game calls/voice calls), it is not a headset adapter.

1. This product only supports ios13 and above systems! ! ! !
2. No need to download any app, plug and play, open the folder to be used (as long as the phone or tablet has supporting software files, if not, you can download one in the app store);
3. Images and videos can be viewed directly in the file without importing, which is convenient and fast;
4. Two-way transmission, transmission speed: USB3.0 about 60MB/S;
5. Support image, video, PDF, Word and other ISO13 system format files;
6. Keyboards, mice, cameras, disks and other external devices can be connected (only external devices with current below 500ma are supported),
>>>Note: When using devices such as microphones, digital pianos and small-capacity mobile hard drives, please purchase an adapter with a charging port, as these devices require relatively large current and the iPhone/ipad battery itself cannot support the connection of such high voltage devices. If you need to connect these devices, please purchase a device with a charging port and connect it to the charging beam when using it. It can be connected normally, if it cannot be operated, please contact customer service. Please pay attention.
7. It can only read the content of WORD, EXCEL, PPT and PDF files, but cannot modify them. If you need to modify, you need to download other applications to complete;
8. The supported U disk must be FAT32 or EXFAT, NTFS is not supported (most U disks on the market support it, and the current test capacity of 512G can be used)
9. Keyboard and mouse connection should open the connection settings on iPhone/ipad, and the operation path is as follows: Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Assistive Touch > Yes.

[Eccdo 100% Satisfaction Customer Service]
>>>>We will personally test each batch of products. These products can definitely be connected and adapted to work as we explain. If you don't know how to use it or have any connection problems after purchase, please contact our after-sales customer service staff for help (after-sales customer service staff will send you detailed operation instructions or installation guide videos). If not, we will give you a full refund. Remember: Please contact after-sales customer service personnel for service before returning the product.
We only make good products, provide attentive service and always consider customers.


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